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Within an uncertain economic context of constantly evolving international deregulation and national regulation, each day, companies are confronted with real challenges in maintaining and developing their activities under an umbrella of legal certainty.

With a view to enabling companies to serenely pursue their development and concentrate on their tasks, Courtois Lebel assists companies in each step of their operations, through its expertise in Competition & distribution. Our lawyers are involved in the negotiation and drafting of contracts, as well as in the evaluation of risks, and also in the event of contract termination, breach of established commercial relations, or manoeuvres that may lead to restrictive competition practices, or unfair or prohibited practices (poaching staff, enticing away customers, etc.). Our lawyers also advise clients on the compliance of trade practices with the regulations in force.

Our team likewise has considerable experience with litigation relating to competition and distribution law.

Composed of well-known, specialised lawyers, our Competition & distribution team offers services and skills covering all aspects of competition, distribution and consumer law.

The Competition & Distribution expertise of Courtois Lebel is managed by Philippe Courtois and Bruno Martin, partners, and includes 2 associates.

Areas of expertise

Competition law

  • Anti-competitive practices
    • Vertical or horizontal agreements
    • Abuse of dominant position and economic dependence
  • Unfair practices and parasitic acts
  • Restrictive competition practices
    • Sales with bonuses, forced sales and selling at a loss
    • Commercial advantages without compensation, or which are disproportionate, unjustified or abusive
    • Sudden termination of business relationships
    • Damage to distribution networks
    • Breach of the best commercial practices
    • Abnormally low prices, predatory pricing
    • Discriminatory practices in tendering and distance reverse auctions
  • Competition investigations
  • Representation before the National and Community Competition Authorities, and before the criminal courts
  • Parallel imports
  • Customs offences
  • Free movement of goods and services

Distribution law

  • Commercial agreements and licence agreements
  • Contracts of sales agents, brokers, agents of common interest
  • Networks of exclusive or selective distribution of products and services
  • Franchise
  • Business contribution and partnership agreements
  • Commercial cooperation
  • Price regulation, invoicing and general sales conditions
    • Rebates, discounts, refunds, bill brokerage
    • Invoicing and payment terms

Consumption law

  • Aggressive business practices
  • Unfair business practices
    • Deceptive advertising
  • Consumer information
  • Canvassing and door-to-door selling
  • Distance selling
  • E-commerce

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