The Corporate/M&A department of Courtois Lebel represents French and international companies and company groups, insurance groups, and investment funds. Our team is involved from analysis of the legal feasibility of projects, accompanies clients in their projects, assists them in the drafting/negotiation of the legal documentation, and watches over the success of their transactions.

Furthermore, the Corporate/M&A team at Courtois Lebel possesses vast experience in daily legal assistance such as externalised legal departments, alongside company executives and general counsels.

The Corporate/M&A department of Courtois Lebel is co-directed by two partners – Béatrice Labboz and Frédéric Cohen – and has 2 associates.

Areas of expertise

Structuring operations

  • long-term financing operations (in particular issuance of complex financial instruments
  • mergers and acquisitions (asset based transactions, share based transactions)
  • strategic partnerships / joint ventures
  • reorganisations (mergers, carve out, contributions of assets/shares)
  • restructurings / distressed M&A
  • privatisation of companies (public/private partnership)
  • transmission of family groups

Private equity

  • private equity (capital investments, capital developments, management packages)
  • LBO / OBO
  • senior, mezzanine and acquisition financing
  • venture loans

Market operations and stock exchange regulations

  • public offers (purchase, exchange, withdrawal)
  • initial public offerings
  • issues of financial instruments
  • financial reporting of listed companies
  • minority rights

Ethics / Compliance / Regulatory

  • relationships with regulatory authorities (European Banking Authority, Financial Market Authority, CNIL, DGCCRF)
  • presentation of notification or authorisation records
  • administrative litigation
  • disciplinary Financial Market Authority and judicial (courts) securities litigation
  • compliance audits
  • corporate governance
  • management of conflicts of interest

Salary transactions (stock options / bonus rights / Long Term Incentives ...)


Current operations of the corporate lifecycle


Legal management / project support / market operations

  • coordination / assistance in negotiation
  • due diligence (in particular vendor due diligence)
  • drafting/negotiating contracts related to such transactions (letters of intent, purchase agreements, warranty agreements, shareholders agreements, financing agreements, pledges, etc.).
  • implementation of issues of securities for these transactions
  • relations with the authorities

Advice to corporate executives

  • legal strategy
  • crisis management
  • financial communications
  • legal analysis of litigation risks
  • setting up preventive measures

Family office


Restructuring / Insolvency

  • ad hoc mandate, conciliation, safeguarding, receivership
  • acquisitions of companies/assets under these proceedings
  • litigation proceedings of receivership and court-supervised liquidation

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