Corporate M&A

Mergers and acquisitions

  • Due diligence on acquisitions and disposals
  • Legal, financial and tax engineering
  • Assistance in negotiating and drafting sale and acquisition documents:
    • Confidentiality and exclusivity agreements
    • Letters of intent and term sheets
    • Agreements for the sale of securities, funds or assets
    • Asset and liability guarantee agreements
    • Financing agreements
    • Investment agreements
    • Security documents (on-demand guarantees, surety bonds, mortgages, pledges, etc.)
    • Shareholder agreements
    • Merger, demerger and partial business transfer agreements
  • Legal and tax management/Coordination
  • Case presentation to French and European competition authorities in connection with the declaration or authorisation of mergers
  • Asset and liability guarantee monitoring
  • Defending clients in disputes in connection with these operations (in particular related to implementing liability and asset guarantees, obtaining price supplements and implementing shareholder agreements)

Equity financing/Private equity 

  • Financing/Raising capital (venture capital, private equity, growth equity)
  • Advice and assistance in seeking financing
  • Issuing financial instruments and hybrid securities (warrants, BSPCE [founders' warrants], shares with warrants, bonds, convertible or negotiable bonds, participating stock, etc.)
  • Preference shares
  • Management package

Employee shareholding

Management consulting 

  • Corporate governance
  • Legal strategy
  • Crisis management
  • Financial communication
  • Legal diagnosis of litigation risks
  • Implementation of preventive measures

Companies in distress

  • Ad hoc mandate, conciliation, safeguarding, receivership, court-supervised liquidation
  • Acquisition of companies in distress
  • Litigious receivership and liquidation procedures

Daily corporate transactions

  • Formation of non-commercial or commercial companies, groupings, associations and various ad hoc vehicles
  • Asset contributions, mergers, demergers, partial business transfers
  • Conversions, dissolutions, liquidations
  • Legal monitoring
  • Other operations (certification of accounts, appointment and dismissal of executive officers, head office transfers, change of legal name, etc.)

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