Intellectual property

Industrial and intellectual property law

  • Copyright law (literary, musical, graphic and sculpture works)
  • Related rights (performers, video and audio producers, audiovisual communication companies)
  • Designs and models
  • Brands
  • Domain names
  • Distinctive logos (legal name, trading name, brand, domain names)
  • Protection of rights (strategic protection analysis, filings, registrations, renewal and management of brands and designs and models, domain name reservations, monitoring)
  • Drafting of agreements on the sale, transfer and exploitation of rights (sale, brand licensing, patent, know-how, model and technology transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements, technical and scientific partnership agreements, coexistence agreements, secrecy agreements, communication of know-how, etc.)
  • Analysis and validation of advertising campaigns, analysis of agreements concerning related rights
  • Dispute prevention: negotiations, settlements, interim and investigative legal measures, administrative measures (customs seizures and requisitions by police departments)
  • Legal proceedings: advice and assistance before specialised civil courts (brand, design and model counterfeiting proceedings, unfair competition, parasitism, disparagement, comparative advertising)

Industrial property as related to IT

  • Protection of technological intangible assets
  • Internet and eCommerce
  • Intellectual property due diligence
  • Databases